Up and coming avant-garde art-pop prodigy Montaigne has released her latest single titled ‘In The Dark‘.  The release follows her critically acclaimed 2014 debut EP Life of Montaigne, before her standalone single ‘Clip My Wings‘ hit in August last year.

The track’s moody groove is largely driven by the Sydney sensation’s dazzling vocals, which here are (somewhat unfortunately) coated with a piercing electronic overlay throughout its verses.  Despite lacking the celestial purity of her voice as with previous works, the tone is befitting to the track, with its discordant horn section comparable to the jarring arrangement of 2014’s ‘I’m A Fantastic Wreck‘.

Montaigne’s typically self-conscious, evocative lyrics are no exception to this new single, as she envisages the perceived judgements of others while attempting to express her affection and sexuality, before sorrowfully concluding “You taught me how to be numb to the core… / I do not love anything anymore“.

You can view all of Montaigne’s upcoming Australian Tour dates on her website, with her headline shows commencing in April.