Moss are a Melbourne four-piece with a unique and quirky sound. Since jamming together in 2013, they’ve played at some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues including The Cherry, Bakehouse and The Tote.

With a unique take on Alternative rock sometimes adding a heavier more guitar driven sounds, and at other times giving the songs a straight forward and relaxed feel.

Moss are set to hit the stage at VIVA Youth Festival on Saturday 9th April at Princes Park in Prahran and we caught up with band member Asher Bates ahead of their appearance.

How’d you guys meet?

We met at a police line-up and still go by our assigned numbers 1,2,3 & 4 respectively.
For the record, number 3 did it.

What inspired the band and it’s sound?

That’s asking a mouth full. We’re all inspired by all kinds of different things from all different places, but I suppose we’ve got a desire to make noise. Sometimes the noise we make is beautiful, sometimes it’s angry, and that all comes from what we’re drawing from.

How excited are you to be playing the Viva Youth Festival?

We’re pretty pumped, it’s already a pretty nice event we’re just looking forward to wrapping it up with some good tunes and having some fun.

What else are you keen to check out at the festival?

We’ll probably check out the basketball and skate comps, and have a look at some of the dance groups they’ve got booked. But all and all as long as we can kick back and enjoy ourselves in the sun, it’ll be a day well spent.

Who are your major influences?

Pixies, Midnight Oil, Happy Mondays, Nick Cave, Beck. If they write good tunes we’ve paid attention.

How would you describe yourselves to someone who has never heard you?

Alternative rock is the short answer, but to really know you have to listen.

How do you all satisfy your music cravings? 

Illegally downloading. We love music, not paying for music.

In the future, What should we be keeping an eye out for from Moss?

We’re currently recording new material so you can expect something resembling an EP coming up later this year (our old EP’s still on sale at Greville Records so go check that out), and we’ll be playing throughout the year as we always do, but in particular keep an eye out for our upcoming show at The Channel on May 6th as part of ‘New Slang’ or check out our monthly shows down at the St Kilda Esplanade Market.

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VIVA Youth Festival
Saturday 9 April 2016

10am – 5pm
Princes Gardens, Malvern Road, Prahran
MOSS ONSTAGE: 3:30pm – 4.00pm
For more info: