Mayday Parade has revealed new single ‘Letting Go’ ahead of the release of their new album Black Lines. ‘Letting Go’ continues to demonstrate Mayday Parade’s absolute dominant strong-hold on the global pop-punk scene which has remained consistent across their expansive career to date.

Across the past ten years a group of friends from Tallahassee, FL managed to transform from travelling across America, selling their CD in parking lots at Vans Warped Tour, to having one of the largest cult followings of any Pop Punk band globally. Ahead of what is a highly anticipated forthcoming album, Mayday Parade continues to reiterate their unrivalled ability to reach directly into the souls of their audiences.

“‘Letting Go’ is a song about self-pity and not having the strength to get over a bad relationship,” guitarist Brooks Betts explains. “It’s about that weird spot when someone breaks you down even though you know they’re toxic. When you tried so hard for someone who was never going to let you in, knowing it’s going to end soon and preparing for the end.

Their forthcoming album is set to be released October 9 via Fearless Records/Unified which includes a free download of the ensemble’s first documentary, Three Cheers For Ten Years.