Let’s imagine British-born Maya Jane Coles was on an international tour. She was travelling through a dark back street on the way to her next gig, it’s the outskirts of Japanese suburbia, it was a cold night, the fog was thick and the streetlights were out. A cloud of electrical matter appears (let’s call it Steve Jobs) and infects Coles with a technologically transmitted virus that possesses her music with sickly, sweet, and dormant dubstep.
The result is Nocturnal Sunshine. She’s thieving, menacing, and all around scary. She is a form of creative expression not bound by formulas, or commercial gain.
And I like her.

‘Believe’ (feat. Chelou) is the second single from the upcoming release by Cole’s alter ego, and jumps off the back off the daring dance hit, ‘Take Me There’. The song’s skeleton is strong, full of protein, and stems from the combination of deep bass and earthy vocals. The synths that mark the rhythm open the range slightly, providing much-needed colour. Yet the track is embedded in that lower register, creating a smoke laden soundscape of darkness, danger and addiction. It’s not quite as groovy as ‘Take Me There,’ an example of dark house that begs you to dance and opens at the bell end to drive your brain bananas. ‘Believe’ is a little more theatrical, and it is less driven by an industrial dance house intent.
The titular album, Nocturnal Sunshine, is out now on Cole’s own label I/Am/Me.
If you are feeling a little frisky, I’d suggest you join this party.