Deep and dynamic, ‘Rocketship’ is the latest track from London based artist, Marcus Marr. The track is an eclectic infusion of funk and electronica, featuring an inspiriting guitar riff layered over a deep bassline.
Initially, ‘Rocketship’  seems echoic of the trap genre, exhibiting Damian Drammaticus‘ deep vocals and asynchronous polyphonic-esque tones. However, the track is transformed once the flavoursome funk of a lead guitar is introduced. This metamorphosis becomes more profound as the ensnaring beat of a drum is introduced, confirming the listener’s entrancement.
‘Rocketship’ is something of musical alchemy, as Marr perfectly blends the genres of rock, soul and acid house allowing each genre to stand alone and complement each other simultaneously.

Essentially, ‘Rocketship’ is a track for the DJs. Attracting EDM and funk lovers alike, Marr wanted to give back to the DJ culture that helped raise him as an artist; and we are eternally grateful.