Three piece Little May have been rocking fans with their lyrical masterpieces over the past few weeks on their National Tour, and with an International Tour in the works for the rest of the year, 2015 has shaped up to be a big one for Hannah, Liz and Annie. With their debut album For the Company set to be released on October 9, I sat down with Little May and had a chat about their favourite tracks, touring, and their newest art plight #ForTheCompany.

How was it playing at the corner on the 24th September?
It was awesome! It was really packed, we didn’t expect it to be and we had a very attentive crowd, it was great.

Where’s your favourite place to gig in Australia?
Sydney’s always really fun ’cause a lot of our friends and family come and it’s nice to play to people we know. But really; it’s fun to play everywhere.

What’s it like playing in front of family and friends?
It’s really nerve-wracking to play in front of friends; we find Sydney’s the scariest place to play as there’s so many people we know. As it was the first gig of the tour this time, it was definitely scary, but we also really like playing Melbourne and Brisbane as well – they have lovely audiences. Sydney’s kinda’ rowdy and friends get real loose.

What made you decide to create the #artforthecompany project?
That idea came from our manager Mon. She had the initial idea, and we’ve just been working on it for the past couple of months. We thought it would be a really awesome way to celebrate the release of the album through a big exhibition of pieces elicited by the songs.

Say you had to create an art piece for your album, what track would you pick and what do you think you’d create?
“The Shine Is Brighter At Night” – I get such vivid imagery from that line. And maybe I’d draw a moon – A cicada for ‘Cicada’.

What has been your favourite piece of artwork created?
We haven’t really seen them yet as they haven’t finished them. There’s a really beautiful painting that’s finished and a video which is awesome; all the pieces that we’ve seen so far look amazing.

What was it like working with Aaron Dessner?
It was scary obviously at first, but he’s just such a legend and so kind and down to earth and generous, so it was a pretty sooth process.

If you had to describe for the company in a few words, what would they be?
Meditative, sombre, understated and restrained.

What were some of your main inspirations for the album?
Struggle inspires a lot of what we do, but then also not struggle; it’s a nice balance.  Some of the songs were written so long ago and some were more recent, so the album has a lot of different inspirations, but if you were listening to it in full you could interpret them all together.

How long did it take to create overall?
A lot of the songs were written before; about 2-3 years ago. ‘Bow and Arrow’ was one of the first songs that we wrote together, but it was kind of pulled apart and re-written with Aaron for the album. It had a really different vibe, it was very tweed, but then some of them [the songs], were written maybe 6 months before the album was recorded. There were even some that we did in the studio; so we’d write it and then completely rework it in the studio so they feel very new still.

What’s your favourite track on the album?

‘Bow And Arrow’ – it makes me feel things. And of course, ‘Cicadas’, I think the whole vibe of it is awesome.

What are you most excited about for your international tour?

I think I’m excited to go to places I’ve never been to the likes of Brussels and Amsterdam. I’m excited to be back in the tour van again, Our old sound guy is back who’s a lot of fun, so to be together playing music in a new place with new people is what we’re most excited about; and eat lots of food!

Little May’s debut album For the Company is being released on October 9 – See their website for pre sale.