Existing to spark and cultivate discussion in the music industry, LISTEN Conference 2015 is the latest event from emerging feminist collective LISTEN. Focused and open to the documentation around women and LGBTQIA+ people’s involvement in music, the event hallmarks a unique opportunity for those interested to engage in constructive discussions; exploring ideas relating to gender, feminism, creativity, intersections within communities, performance and more.

Aiming to establish a platform to reflect, the conference will nurture both diversity and creativity; blending these topical issues into Melbourne’s world-renowned and ever-expanding music community. A perfect opportunity to reconnoiter a new perspective, the program will run over two days, with four panels and a couple of workshops led by industry tastemakers. Current LISTEN Conference 2015 categories of discussions involved include Safer SpacesGendered SoundNervous Systems: Bridging the Confidence GapZine Making; The Audience Speaks; Tech Skills; Unconventional Music; and finally, Hearing Colour: Intersections Between Race and Music. With these topical ideas creating a perfect spark, LISTEN is sure to deliver a refreshing and inclusive environment that encourages conversations in the Australian music scene.

Saturday 31st October – Sunday 1th November
10.00AM – 4.00PM | Northcote Town Hall

$30 For a Single Day Pass
$50 For the Two-Day Pass
$10 For a Single Panel

For more information, head to LISTENLISTEN.COM