Step into the unsuspecting St.Kilda Linden New Art homestead this month, with the Galleries newest Exhibition: Linden Projects.

Donned Atmosphere, the exhibition features Melbourne artists Alice Wormald and Debbie Symons opening in conjunction with Linden Projects: Paper on May 8th 2015.

The exhibition presents a contemporary view of the earth and the implications of climate change on our atmosphere. The series of exhibitions is part of the Art+Climate=Change 2015 program, and features almost psychadelic-cosmic images of environments through collage, paintings and video installations.

In conjunction with Atmosphere is the group exhibition Tomorrow Never Dies, which branches off the concepts behind Atmosphere presenting toxic-filled neon images of the world of tomorrow. The paintings almost mirror ones of Stephen Bush; the harsh neon pinks and greens exemplifying the affect we have on the environment.

For anyone interested in Global warming and environmental initiatives, Atmosphere is certainly an exhibition to see!

Linden Projects: Atmosphere & Tomorrow Never Dies is showing @ Linden New Art from May 8th 2015.