“Jason [lead singer] called Rick [drummer] and I up about a year ago and said he had a bunch of songs that he thought would be more conducive towards a Lifehouse album. So, we got back into the studio and made demos and finished up all the songs we had, and that’s the by-product of what Out Of The Wasteland is, Bryce Soderberg, their bassist tells me from the Philippines.

“I love how you call it a ‘comeback”, he laughs. “It’s funny that you mention it like that, because in 2005 that was ‘the comeback from being done with the one hit wonder’”, Soderberg informs me.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lifehouse, you’ve been missing out big time. They made it in the early 00s with ‘You And Me’ and ‘Hanging By A Moment’ and now, after a two-year hiatus they’ve returned from the ashes with Out Of The Wasteland.

But even though they’ve been known as a “one hit wonder band, they try and not let that influence their music. “Obviously it helps having songs that are commercially successful, but if you get into the studio trying to write songs that are hits, you can kind of lose the vision of that right brain creativity, and it’s kind of hard to generate songs that are genuine”, Soderberg tells me.

“[…] We definitely feel like we’re a new band with putting this out of our own. We’re in our mid-30s now, so we feel like we know the music industry, and we really felt like we were capable of doing this on our own – and its paid off! Our fans are still believing in what we do, we have some great tracks on this record that are well received, and we’re really happy at this point in our career”.

Seven albums deep and a career in music spanning over 15 years isn’t that common in the industry nowadays though, with the rise of the internet and new bands cropping up faster than daisies in spring – but Lifehouse aren’t that worried that their potential new fans might know Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ better than their own.

“As far as the future goes, there’s a few options on the table”, he says slowly. “We are an independent band now, so we’ve been taking the reins on our own. We’ve been taking the reins on social media, and have constant interaction with our fan-base […]

But when I asked if Lifehouse were planning to take over One Direction’s fan base, who have recently gone on a hiatus themselves, I got silence. I was worried I’d offended Soderberg for a moment, but luckily the line had just dropped out, and he rang me back laughing.

“You mean like try and take over their fan base? No, I mean…[laughs] to be honest, we’re in our mid-30’s now, we’re not teen pop idols

 Suddenly his tone gets more optimistic. “We have a very wide fan base though. We have a lot of older people, a lot of younger people, a lot of people that know us from the radio, the internet and shows like Smallville and stuff…so we’re not really going to make a conscious effort to attack any sort of demographic. We just wanna make great music and you know, I would like to see us have a few more commercially successful singles, I mean, who wouldn’t? That’d be awesome”.

So how did they go writing their new record, Out Of The Wasteland, with that in mind?

“Funny enough, we were gonna call the album Seven, but we thought that would be too similar to the movie, Seven [laughs]. So we ended up calling it Out Of The Wasteland, which we felt suited it a little better.” 

“[…] For certain musicians you need to continue that right brain blood line and exercise that muscle. If you’re not songwriting for long periods of time you get kind of stagnant or bored. It’s almost like something that you’re programmed to do, and if you’re not producing it’s kind of a waste, so we’re always trying to constantly look at great art and movies and read good books, listen to good music, so we can get that feel to be inspired to create – and it was very natural for us to get back into the studio and make this record, and if we make another one, it’ll be the same […] 

“If we make records that we’re really happy with and we have a fanbase that appreciates it, that’s all we can ask for. It’s something that we’re all really grateful to be here for in the first place; and to have a career as long as we have? It’s awesome.

Lifehouse 2015 Australian Tour Dates

Sunday 11th October
Metro City, Perth

Tuesday 13th October
The Gov, Adelaide

Wednesday 14th October
Tivoli, Brisbane

Thursday 15th October
Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Friday 16th October
Big Top (Luna Park)

For ticket info, click here.