Gearing up for their second EP release, we asked Bridgette from Melbourne based electronic duo, Leisure Suite some questions. We talked about their upcoming performances, self-producing their upcoming EP, as well as their musical influences and plans for the future. Leisure Suite will be performing at Citizens of the Street later this week.  

You guys are creating some amazing and chilled out electronic music. How did this all begin and when did you decide to start making music together?

During uni, we had a ‘performance masterclass’ together where we were put into the same group. Whilst rehearsing, Mitch, myself and our original guitarist Su, seemed to just click – which probably had a lot to do with our similar taste in music. Nothing eventuated until much later when Mitch had a solo project and asked me to sing some vocals on one of the tracks he was going to release. After I showed it to him we both just kept continued to write songs together and Leisure Suite was born.

Your latest single is ‘Sweet Gin’, which is quite a dreamy track. Can you tell us about the writing and recording process for it?

It was actually the first track we wrote off our upcoming EP, we had a small period of writers block and after a little break we both went into the studio and wrote this song in a few hours. It started off with the keys and the melody kind of just naturally came with the flow of the song.

‘Sweet Gin’ is going to be featured on your upcoming EP, Lay Low. How Does Lay Low, differ from your debut self-titled EP release?

We definitely took a lot more care in writing and recording this new EP – I think you can really hear the difference between the two. Not that we didn’t put care into our first release. Our debut EP was more of an exploration; we really made it more for ourselves and didn’t take into consideration the fact that people would actually listen to it. Although it received a pretty positive reaction, I kinda thought, “hrm we definitely could have done it better”. I think with our new tracks, there is much more clarity and direction.

Lay Low will be mostly self-produced, with a little help from Andrei Eremin. What was that experience like? Is it more challenging than previous releases?

It’s definitely more challenging, but much more satisfying. We have complete control over what sound we want without other people interfering or telling us what is technically ‘right’.

You’ve just announced that you’re going to be playing at this year’s Paradise Festival alongside some other great artists! Are you doing anything special to prepare for the festival appearance?

Just plenty of rehearsing and tweaking. Because our recorded songs are so pared-back it can often be hard to translate that sound into a more upbeat and engaging set, so we’re changing the live instrumentation a little in order to achieve that. We can’t wait to play that festival!

Are there any artists in particular that have been integral in shaping your sound? What is it about those artists that you might try to reflect or emulate in your own sound?

Personally, my foundation for singing has always been rooted in jazz and soul so I think that has shaped the way I write my melodies. My main influences would be Erykah Badu, Peggy Lee, Lauryn Hill & Nai Palm. All those artists are influential in improvisation, rhythm and soul – which I feel are the most important components of a melody, so I definitely utilise that when writing songs myself. I think you can hear those elements in our tracks because in the writing process, the first melody that I improvise with is often the one that is used – I don’t like to mess too much with the original otherwise it sounds overworked and ends up losing its character.

What do you guys do outside of music? Do you find inspiration for your writing and production of music through these interests?

I just listen to as much music as possible; it’s a pretty rare moment if I’m not listening to something. When you’re spending days on end writing a specific type of music it’s good to clear your head and find music that is the polar opposite, that usually gives me inspiration to mesh two genres that normally wouldn’t work together.

What are Leisure Suite’s plans for 2016 personally and musically?

Just get these new tracks out and finally share them with people! We’re super proud of this upcoming EP so we’re quite anxious/excited to get it out there.

Speaker TV Present: Citizens of the Streets
Thursday 15th October
Shadow Electric Bandroom
Performing: Alice Ivy, Leisure Suite, RKDA
Exhibiting: Briana Davis, Khara Deurhof and Gustavo Pallacios
Doors 7PM / Pre-sale: $10
Tickets on sale now