The moment Madeleine and Luis walked on stage, to the moment they stopped their; what can only be described as kaleidoscope of personas, songs and situations; will have you completely and utterly hooked to their magic madness.

Dominating the Community TV sphere with their hit shows Lessons with Luis and Fishcam, Luis and Madeleine have combined forces for Song-Off, an epic battle of song and dance over three instalments at The Workers Club.

Desperate to please the big, scary talent scout who was there to accept them into a super-special-academy of talented people, Luis and Madeleine embark on a rivalry of amazing song-itude, desperately one-upping eachother in their bid to impress the talent scout with their songs on cats, toast and many more oddly catchy tunes.

Starting their show with the 80’s revival dance-come-cover band Real Hot Bitches, who were dressed in what only can be described as the perfect nod to the worst craze (yes; I’m talking about aerobics-fit wear), Luis and Madeleine thrusts the audience into a crazy world of alternate realms and strange hairdos.

With songs like ‘Race to the Race,‘P‘ and a song about sugar; which had Madeleine dress up as a giant sugar bowl and thrust sugar packets from her head into the crowd, Song-off celebrates the whacky and amazing genre of song; and just how fun it is to listen to a song made for cats that purely consists of meowing.

The highlight of the show, however, was their impromptu prize segment, which awarded one special audience member with a song about a store which had nothing in it that they wanted. It was, by all accounts, the star of the show.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to wind down and laugh your absolute pants off with friends on a Sunday afternoon, I would highly recommend checking Song-Off off your list.


Song-Off is currently being performed by Luis and Madeleine @ The Workers Club, on Oct 4 and 11 from 3pm. Tickets: $13 presale and $15 at the door.