The Frowning Clouds have left little in their path since the December release of their LP Whereabouts; with various festival appearances and plentiful airtime bolstering their place as one of Australia’s most solid revivalist acts. The five-piece beatfreak explosion, who mostly reside in Geelong, tend to roam the pubs and garages of Melbourne and their hometown alike – laying down Nugget-esque pop bangers to anybody up for a good ol’ twist-oriented dance. Frontman Zak Olsen shared with us some of his favorite tunes from primary school through to 2013, with a bit of Bill Wyman circa 1981 on the side too.

1. A song from the first record you bought

The first record I bought was The Zombies Live at the BBC from a small shop in Geelong called ‘Bent Wild’.

The Zombies – What More Can I Do? 

2. A good cover

I don’t know if you mean cover art or cover version, but here’s a sweet cover version… Alex Chilton doing I’ve Had It by The Bell Notes.

Alex Chilton – I’ve Had It

3. Australia needs a new national anthem. What should it be?

So long as Abbott has his hands on the controls, this song seems fitting…

Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice

4. A song by a band more people should know about

This band ‘Public Nuisance’ are from California in the late 60s. LP got shelved because the producer was all tied up in the Manson Family stuff. It’s super heavy/melodic/original, all the good stuff.

Public Nuisance – 1 Magical Music Box

5. A song your grandparents like

My grand dad was a really great guitar player. He didn’t really like electric guitar so much but I think that’s cool. He had a Martin acoustic from the 40s but it was stolen from his house. Here’s a Django Reinhardt song, he loved this stuff.

Django Reinhardt – J’Attendrai Swing

6. A song by your favorite ever Australian band 

There are many great Australian bands so it’s really hard to just choose one. This is a song by Sydney 60s band ‘The Missing Links’. It is a cover of Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut – the Bo Diddley song – but for some reason they put it in reverse on both sides of the single.

The Missing Links – H’Tuom Tuhs

7. A song by a band you wish you’d seen live

Apparently Broadcast played Meredith/Golden Plains, I missed it and now poor old Trish Keenan has left us 🙁

Broadcast – Come On Let’s Go

8. A song from the best Australian album of 2013 

Okay, so I really wanted to put up Circle of Trust by Ooga Boogas, but it’s not on Youtube, but here’s a song that was at least recorded in 2013… Love Forever by The Babe Rainbow. It will probably be one of the best LP’s of 2014.

The Babe Rainbow – Love Forever 

9. The best song from primary school

I remember singing Eight Days a Week at school assembly and it made me feel all gooey. Loved it.

The Beatles – Eight Days A Week

10. A guilty pleasure 

Guilty pleasures shouldn’t exist I don’t think… But a lot of ‘true’ Stones fans would say this song by Bill Wyman is an embarrassment, when in fact is surpasses most of their output. Excellent stuff, like it or lump it.

Bill Wyman – Je Suis Un Rockstar

The Frowning Clouds will head out to Tallarook next month for Boogie Festival. Tickets are available here