Xavier Rudd, together with his band The United Nations has unveiled a brand new song ‘Shame,’ in the wake of the current conversation around racism in Australia.

Opening with a warm and mellow beat, ‘Shame’ immediately delves into the dark side of Australian history and the mistreatment of the Indigenous people of the land.

His solemn lyrics juxtaposed against his soothing and soulful vocals evoke optimistic feelings around creating a more socially conscious community in our beloved country, although the poetry isn’t afraid to say it like it is. Reggae-influenced lines such as “You’re taking our babies away, you’re taking our dignity away” is more than an obvious nod to the Stolen Generation.

Not just an iconic Aussie musician, Xavier Rudd is also an ardent activist for the rights of Aboriginal peoples. Using the example of Adam Goodes as a catalyst for change in the attitudes and behaviours nationwide and around the world, Xavier has called on his fellow Australians to empower themselves and take a stand.

Watch Xavier Rudd’s powerful and personal message on YourTube now.

Rather fittingly, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations will be playing their new material in Darwin this Sunday as part of the Darwin Festival, which also doubles as the start of a mega 3-month national tour for the band. More details on the tour here.