Sydney-based electronic duo Wolf Tide have released a frenetic but fascinating new video for their latest single, ‘Spoke The Words‘.

Comprising of singer-songwriter Rob Taylor and producer-songwriter Nick Lynar, Wolf Tide was a pet project that caught the attention of Triple J Unearthed. Their song ‘Twisted Angles’ was shared on local airwaves, and before long, rave reviews lead to live performances and a tour with South Coast artist Yahtzel.

The new song ‘Spoke The Words’ sees folk-laced and high-pitched vocals played out over a rhythmic but gentle electro beat.

The video, directed by Katzki (RÜFÜS), is a montage of childhood nostalgia. Kids plait hair, play Chinese whispers and frolic in the forest. The picturesque sequences also perfectly complements the ethereal-yet-raw vocals from Taylor and the breezy acoustic-electronic arrangement from Lynar.

‘Spoke The Words’ is available to download on iTunes now, thanks to Audiopaxx Agency and Sony Music Entertainment.