The Norwegian quartet DATAROCK have been a bit quiet for the last couple of years. The band first came to attention in Australia in 2005 with their 80’s style hit ‘Computer Camp Love’. As they shot to international stardom, their music was featured in TV shows like Workaholics and The Vampire Diaries, while also being used in a number of EA games, and as part of ad campaigns for Google and Apple.

The band never take themselves all that seriously, but still have music of a very high quality to back them up. They’re about the release their new album Face The Brutality, following on from their new single and video ‘Laugh In The Face Of Darkness.‘ The track is a slice of 80’s heaven mixed in with modern influences, and the bands penchant for catchy melodies.

DATAROCK have acknowledged that their new record draws inspiration from the soundtrack of the cultural phenomenon Stranger Things. So, we had the band run us through which member aligns with which character from that show. Here’s what they told us.

Ket-Ill is obviously Will, as he too vanished into The Upside Down back in 2008 only to return seriously infected in 2016.

Stig The Mystical Casio Operator is a Demodag – no doubt. Just check his moves on stage; that’s not dancing queen – that’* s a Demodog.

Ike Andy died his hair white for our “Laugh in the Face of Darkness” video, so that’s our Dr. Martin Brenner or Papa I guess. Hopefully not as willing to experiment on humans though.

 And Rock Steady Freddy – he’s Joyce due to them cigarettes! Or Eleven – due to them Eggos.