Dr. Seuss and Nick Cave? Two icons that until now, have never been linked before…

Australian musician/actor/writer/director Nick Cave’s spooky 1994 hit ‘Red Right Hand‘ has been used in many things, but is most recognised as the eerie jingle on that Barossa ad.

Now, the evocative, organ-heavy track has a new lease of life – being converted into a richly illustrated Dr. Seuss-inspired book.

The sinister lyrics (reminisce of Milton’s Paradise Lost) have been reimagined and Seussified by Deviant Art user DrFaustusAU, and much to everyone’s surprise, Cave’s wordplay works brilliantly!

Full gallery here!

See examples below:rrh_01_by_drfaustusau-d8pwnr6 rrh_02_by_drfaustusau-d8pwnxl rrh_03_by_drfaustusau-d8pwo3r rrh_04_by_drfaustusau-d8pwo8u rrh_05_by_drfaustusau-d8pwod0