London-based soul collective JUNGLE have premiered their latest video clip for ‘Julia’, a track off their acclaimed self-titled debut album. The clip is the most recent addition to a string of frankly excellent music videos directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and the band’s own J, including ‘Platoon‘, ‘The Heat’, ‘Busy Earnin” and ‘Time‘, and actually features the main characters from each of these videos.

The video features a group of six male dancers and gorgeous contemporary dance choreography. (And we’re sorry but, ladies, you’d be hard-pressed not to objectify these guys. You will understand.) Ahem, anyway. The song itself is hard-hitting and funky, featuring falsetto-esque vocals and a very infectious ‘Juuuulia’ in its chorus.

JUNGLE has just finished the Laneway Festival circuit and a couple of sold-out headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne, and continue to bask in the critical acclaim aimed at their debut album. Jungle is available now via XL Recordings/Remote Control.