In the current global climate, there’s not much of an avenue for all voices to be heard, however, that’s about to change. Voice for Change has cut its way through the scene like a ray of light in a dark tunnel. A platform unlike any other, the documentary web series has returned in order to highlight the many diverse stories and world views of some of today’s most subversive and intriguing musical artists and sports personalities, including Ngaiire, Darcy Vescio, Mirrah, Ecca Vandal, and Majak Daw, amongst others. Taking a distinctive look into what makes each of these incredible musicians giants of their respective genres, Voice for Change never shies away from their personal stories and the issues they themselves and many individuals face today.

“I feel like I’ve been given a voice, so I feel like it would be wrong of me not to try and use it. So I try to use it the best I can.” – B Wise

Each episode features an artist who talks about their lives and worldview, and viewers are treated to a first-hand look into how each musician has used the power of music to voice a message everyone could stand to hear. The first episode of the new series features the story of B Wise, a young hip-hop artist who has found strength in his lyrics, using them to give himself a voice and express his point of view without restriction. He’s using the platform his music has offered him to evoke change within society, and in doing so is helping to chip away at stereotypical norms through music.

B Wise

“If there’s little changes I wanna see in the world, it could be, saying hi to your neighbour, no matter where he’s from or what colour he is or what race he is.” – Krown

Following up, the second episode of the series focuses the story on Krown, a South Sudan-born rapper, who’s story of hardship and adversary defines his music and the message he wants to parlay. Taking note of current events that have transpired within the Sudanese community in Australia, Krown is determined to highlight the problems people face within the community and their treatment by the world as a whole. Watching his story and his determination to fight the prejudice imposed on his community allows fans, new and old, to gain a better understanding of himself and the implication that certain actions have.


While the series primarily features one on one interviews with artists about their personal stories, there is an undeniable intercutting of real-life news stories that show the awful and unfair bias people have faced within Australia, highlighting the message each artist is trying to relay to their audience. Bringing forth stories of abuse, violence and atrocities being faced allows the viewer a better understanding of where each artist is coming from, making their message of hope and integrity stronger.

Now’s the time for us to come together in support of and understanding of one another. The times we’re in are frantic, and the world itself seems stuck in a moment of turmoil. For this reason, it has never been clearer that messages of unity, support and love are desperately needed. Voice for Change is taking a chance at bringing people from all different walks of life together in order to educate and refocus the viewpoints of every community, making for a more complex and heightened worldview. Trumpeting musicians and sports personalities who intend to shine a light on social issues and topics within a platform such as Voice for Change could be exactly what we need.

Voice for Change is currently releasing episodes weekly on their website and YouTube, which you can view here. For more information on the series, click here.