Electric Guest‘s video release for their track ‘Oh Devil’ is all things cheeky, hilarious, and random as hell. The Los Angeles based electronic dream pop duo released this track in February on their album Plural, and our expectations for the video were somehow completely subverted, while simultaneously everything we had hoped for.

The video which was directed by Tim Nackashi and produced by Angel Rosha is a light hearted comedic tale of young love, summer jobs, and youth as a whole. Don’t feel bad about laughing at the joke about children dying, its totally justified when it’s delivered by co-writer of the Schapelle show Neal Brennan. The clip also features a surprise cameo from SNL regular¬†Will Forte, and will have you perplexed, but in a beautifully funny way. Personal favourite moments include commenting on ‘green jorts’ and dead pool bugs – there’s not much more I can say without confusing you, just watch.