Just like most teenagers, my high school life revolved around boys, house parties and how the hell I’m going to cover up that pimple that conveniently appeared the night before photo day. Typical of your average adolescent, my first concern was definitely not essays and research projects.
However, the one assignment that does stick out in my memory was a stock standard artist profile in art class.
Of course, initially it was a drag – just let me paint something and go on lunch world.
Although after hours of research, I found myself invested in how little female representation there was within the art world.
The 5 foot, 15-year-old feminist, and self-proclaimed art nerd was outraged.
Where my gurls at? C’mon ladies – now let’s get in formation.
Boundary-pushing female artists are revolutionary, using their work to represent womanhood and the incredible talent and ideas that we have to contribute.


Untitled #355, 2000, by Cindy Sherman. From Headshots.

One artist doing exactly that is a portrait photographer, Cindy Sherman.
For those who aren’t familiar with her work, The New York based artist has been sticking it to the man since the mid 70’s, exploring the female perspective through her honest and at times confronting body of work.
Using exclusively female subject matter throughout her career, Sherman sheds light on the concepts of celebrity, narcism and the obsession with female appearance.

In celebration of the artist’s incredible career, GOMA brings Sherman’s work down under with her first major Australian exhibition in 15 years – Cindy Sherman Up Late.
The event spanning over 7 dates boasts a carefully selected group of musical accompaniment as well as floor talks from writers, stylists, performers, and choreographers.

In true Cindy Sherman fashion, the exhibition is mirrored by an all-female line-up of both homegrown talent and international acts, celebrating creative women working within all corners of the art world.

The event runs from the 28th of May to the 3rd of October, with a new and exciting group of guests appearing each week.

You can purchase tickets here.