Everyone’s favourite Aussie kids TV show Play School turned 50 this week, and just like your middle-aged recently divorced aunty, what better way to celebrate turning half a century than a youthful makeover. 
In light of the event, Triple J Unearthed have done just that by challenging budding producers to revamp the iconic theme song and turn it into a radio-ready hit. 
With 600 very different remixes submitted by some incredible artists, the Play School theme received much more than a facelift, and boy is she looking better than ever.

After some intense decision making by the Unearthed team, the winning submission came from Brisbane’s 19-year-old Andre Butterworth aka COPYCATT.
Well deserving of the win, the teenaged firestarter’s track is a playful, summertime banger, club ready while hanging on to all of the themes best bits.

For all his hard work, Butterworth will receive a one on one masterclass with KLP – dance music producer, songwriter, and the host of Triple J’s Saturday night show House party, along with a tour of the Play School studios.

The overwhelming response to the competition garnered some incredible results that made the decision process all the more difficult. Have a listen to some of our favourite finalists from the competition that are more than worthy of a special mention.

1. Jondrette Den

2. Killboy

3. Oppy