Honest and unapologetic with hints of rock ‘n’ roll and synth-pop comes Lou Scarrs‘ first solo EP, What We Do.

The eponymous single, ‘What We Do’, is punchy yet ethereal with crafted, narrative lyrics with influences from the likes of MGMT to The Arctic MonkeysWhat We Do‘  seems to be a deeply personal tale of love and relationships and their unpredictable natures.

Despite the success of his former musical project, Money For Rope, Lou Scarrs takes a leap in going solo to follow his own sound. In enlisting producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy) to help shape the songs, four raw and resolute tracks have been created.

Going solo felt like jumping out of a plane from 20,000 ft,’ Scarr says. ‘You take that leap and you feel elated that you had the balls to jump. But then you panic and try and roll over mid-air a couple times to double check there’s a parachute on your back.’

You can find the EP here and listen to the single below.



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