Electronic talent LANKS offers fans a ripping sneak-peek into his debut album ‘twentyseven’, with the release of its remarkable title track.

twentyseven‘ is one of those rare tunes that is difficult to compartmentalise. It ultimately assumes its own wonderful, miscellaneous essence. It’s the sort of song that whisks you mentally to a scenic rainforest on elephant back, as therapeutic in its nature as it is electrifying.

Simply listening to ‘twentyseven‘, it becomes apparent that it may well be one of LANKS’s most concentrated efforts. If the soul-stirring lyrics hadn’t moved you already, LANKS’s devastatingly-smooth vocals are sure to have you shook. Emotive and raw, ‘twentyseven‘ compels listeners to reflect, conjuring the very thoughts and sentiments LANKS encountered in writing and producing the ‘twentyseven‘ album.

“I always had the age of 27 as a milestone in my mind, because many of my heroes had passed away at that age and already achieved a lasting legacy.”

“This album is a message to myself of humility as I confronted that fear of failure (that was excessive and unhealthy), challenged my own idea of success and questioned what sort of person I aspired to be.”

Of a crop of Melbourne electronic artists, the multi-instrumentalist and producer would best be distinguished as one of the hardest-working in the scene. Having released three EPs in the past five years (‘Thousand Piece Puzzle’, ‘Banquet’ and ‘Viet Rose’ in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively) he has certainly established himself as a conscientious performer. Don’t expect anything short of spectacular from LANKS with ‘twentyseven‘.

‘twentyseven’ will be released on April 27th via THAA Records.