Hemm have given  birth to a fascinating and kooky electronic-pop track, ‘Dearest Friend.’ The duo, comprised of Robert Downie (who you may know as the one and only Uncle Bobby) and Juice Webster, describe themselves as having a knack for “heartfelt and honest lyrics and melodies with experimental beats and production.”

‘Dearest Friend’ triumphantly delivers just that with genial synth lines, intricate layers, and rhythmic stops. This blends seamlessly with the sensitive lyrics, which shape an ode to uplifting and inspiring friends. The track certainly invokes the warmth one feels when surrounded by those friends who inspire greatness.

‘Dearest Friend’ is the first taste of Hemm‘s music, and is set to be included on their debut EP Space Between Us, coming soon.

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous sound of Hemm, and enjoy.