With his ethereal tunes and and terrific aesthetic, Emerson Snowe is gaining traction with his Happy Love for J Di Prima EP.

Emerson Snowe emerges from Brisbane, Queensland and is the creative project of Jarrod Mahon. He describes his music as freak folk or RomPop. This is clearly seen through his tracks, which can be found on Spotify and Triple J Unearthed.

While Emerson Snowe’s single ‘Amore Felice’ is instantly recognisable and in line with his style, it also provides a new insight into the artist. His previous tracks ‘Maple Leaves’ and ‘If I die, then I die’ were softer and more relaxed, while ‘Amore Felice’ kicks off with a punchy beat, making its entire two minute duration an upbeat affair. The EP Happy Love for J Di Prima features four tracks, each making sure the idea of ‘happy love’ rings true.

The video for ‘Amore Felice’ features Emerson Snowe adopting an Avatar-esque appearance while dancing across a carpark. It was filmed on a handheld camera, ensuring the unpretentious video purely elevates the track, while not detracting from its sanguine tune.

Emerson Snowe‘s other tracks like ‘You Say’ and ‘Could You Love Me?’ use similar filming techniques and share the same upbeat composition and crackly, lo-fi vocals. His production style is instantly distinguishable, and he is sure to continue cementing his presence in the music sphere.

Check out the music video for ‘Amore Felice’ here.