Back by popular demand, the Saturday morning Rage ritual  –  the Top 20 Countdown – will return to ABC TV screens this weekend.

In mid-2006, The ABC ceased broadcasting the countdown, and with Video Hits gone by 2011, it seemed the humble but much loved countdown tradition was gone from Australian television…

But alas! It’s back! Broadcast between 6-8am, the rebooted segment will also include “chart predictions and appearances from some of the most popular acts of today.” 

The late-night indie music program – which began airing back in 1987 – is a cult classic amongst Australian music fans and features the latest videos and news from artists all around the world.

It is particularly popular for giving air-time to acts that would otherwise be categorised as “arthouse”, “indie” or “controversial”.

The late-night time slot (which starts anywhere between 11pm and 1am through until 6am Saturdays and finishes at 11:30 am on Saturdays and at 7am on Sundays) and rating classifications of ‘M’ and ‘MA15+’ allow less mainstream or radio-friendly songs to be played too.

Special guest and co-hosts have also been a long and continuing tradition on Rage, with the likes of Tim Rogers, St. Vincent, Dan Sultan, Spiderbait, Pond, Royal Blood and even Margaret & David (from At The Movies) gracing the couch to share and introduce music tit-bits over the program’s 28 years.

Switch on ABC this weekend for the countdown!