TLC has turned to a Kickstarter campaign to ask you, their loyal fans, to help them raise money to create their final album ever. As it turns out, we can be a loyal bunch when it comes to supporting our favourite artists, as they have already managed to raise $81,429 over their target in pledges…and there’s still 23 days left.

Even though they may have already reached their target, there is still a massive range of rewards left for pledging to their cause, including getting a TLC onesie, being invited to a listening party in LA, going to a TLC slumber party, or the grand prize for a $7,500 pledge – getting a photoshoot with TLC.

Let’s look at the facts. They are the most successful female group, selling 65 million albums worldwide, have four top 5 singles in Australia and over ten top 10 singles in the US. On top of that, they’ve won five Grammys and have had four Number 1 singles. So, it’s no wonder they want a go at one last album, one that is dedicated to their fans who have supported them after all these years.

The benefits of doing it through a Kickstarter campaign means that with the money raised they will be able to do the album on their own, being free to do it how they want it, think outside the box and be creative. They are promising to stay true to their sound and keep Lisa Lopes’s spirit present in their music. This final album will be the first by the two artists without Lisa.