South Australian singer-songwriter Timberwolf has revealed a sexy new clip for his single ‘Whiskey Jar‘ taken from the recently released EP Flux.

Created and directed by Gerard Wood and Timberwolf (aka Chris Panousakis), the clip ambiguously explores drunken fantasises, late nights and creepy dolls.

Shot in and around Kean’s Arkaba Court Motel and from Panousakis’ point-of-view, the camera stumbles down smokey alleyways whilst a scantily-clad seductress (Jade Bennett) waits in her red-lit room, as Timberwolf croons “The breath from a sparrow’s heart, a taste from a lion’s jaw”.

Quick cuts to bug-eyed dolls, room keys, cigarette smoke and lingerie, keep the visuals suitably eerie and suggestive. 

Timberwolf’s distinctive Australian twang paired with gentle guitar pings and chimes creates a deliberately unsettling mood, amplified when the reverb-heavy guitar solo erupts towards the end.

Flux is out now through Create Control.