As Perth four-piece Thee Gold Blooms prepare to perform their home coming show this weekend, we asked them a few questions regarding their rather short, albeit rather sweet life as a band thus far. They’ve just released their self-titled first album, a feat which frontman Dylan Szymkow describes as a cascade of “ratbag garage rock.” Here’s what he had to say about the album’s making and the band’s pop preferences (and references, too) when we spoke to him:

Your recently released single ‘She Said No’ is very narrative-focussed. When creating your songs, what comes first – lyrics or sound?

Usually the music. A few chords and a good melody, and then we fill in the lyrics as we go.

You record a lot of your songs in bedrooms. What is it about bedrooms that you prefer to studios?

There are two things. Firstly it doesn’t cost a cent to record in your bedroom or lounge room or garage and secondly we really like the DIY sound – it suits our music.

Given that you were initially a garage band, does playing in bigger venues ever get weird?

Not really. I mean we dream of playing bigger venues (with people in them). The smaller clubs always have the best vibe though whether you’re on stage or in the audience.

Has your new music been received as you expected so far on the tour?

Yeah, we’ve had some great responses. Lots of enthusiasm for the kind of dirty pop we’re making. It makes us feel warm.

How many songs did you originally record for the album and what made the ones that made it onto the album more worthy than the others?

We had a pile of songs and we just kinda grouped these twelve together. We did start recording another one but it didn’t really fit with the others and will probably go on a future release.

60s or 70s pop?

60s. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Kinks. Yep!

Do you ever write slow songs?

Hahah what a peculiar question. Yeah we have a handful of slow burners and romantic ballads. ‘Night Time’ on the album is a perfect example.

Many of your songs are about girls and relationships. How much of the lyrics are based on real events?

Yeah lots of girl songs. Not many of them are based on real events. ‘Alana’ kinda is but the rest are usually fairly fictional or very loosely based on stuff that has happened to us or our mates.

Who designed the album cover and what’s it about?

That would be Alanna Kusin (our bass player Goldy’s life partner). I don’t think it has a meaning. It’s just an awesome picture of a dog on a huge ship. It truly is art.Who designed the album cover and what’s it about?

Thee? Thee Oh Sees?

It’s a garage rock tradition dating from the early 60s right through to today. It was originally used to differentiate between two bands in the same town in with the same name…. just chuck an extra E in there. Thee Midniters, Thee Sixpence, Thee Milkshakes, Thee Headcoats, Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Oh Sees… the list goes on and on.


Thee Gold Blooms was released on January 30th through Pavement Records/Shock. They play tonight at The Odd Fellow, Fremantle (formerly the Norfolk Basement), with supports from Doctopus and The Spunloves.