Originating from Melbourne, The Sand Dollars are nothing short of a 4-piece ‘surfadellic’ set on world domination. What is their secret to World Domination you ask? Well, of course; “Coffee, Cruskits and Fireball. In that order”…obviously.
We had a chat to the band about their influences (mainly good ol’ Owen Wilson), blending genres and their recent tour highlights.

Where did the moniker ‘The Sand Dollars’ originate from? How long have you known each other and how did you meet?
The name The Sand Dollars came from a lot of places. Watching Owen Wilson movies and researching sand did have a lot do to do with it, but we don’t usually like to talk about us watching Owen Wilson movies… The band was formed in 2013 after we all met studying music in Melbourne, and pulled together a cousin and an OK guitarist on the way.

Your music is incredibly influenced by both the 60’s and classic Rock N’ Roll. Are there any major inspirations in your sound, including artists or works (aside from Mick Jagger’s Haircut or Clint Eastwood)?
Our inspirations are not necessarily a true reflection on our music, as we all pull from different musical backgrounds. However when we play together we find it really easy to find a groove. Writing this we are listening to EVE and today I Shazam’d a BB King song, so its all good.
Also Baini thinks he is a spy.

Have there been any tour highlights, moments or venues that were particularly memorable?

We have played alongside heaps of great artists and bands, and hope to play with many more. Rocket Bar in Adelaide was a highlight, as well as the Corner and bringing in New Years with a bunch of great bands.

There’s charm to your sound that’s definitely groove-worthy, particularly in ‘Buffalo Snow’. How would you describe your sound and what’s the best thing about blending genres?
Our early recordings have reflected heavily on the 60s, but in more recent times we have found our sound as a band, and developed a more mature sound from every decade. We like to think our songs have a retro feel while being fused with a modern sound.

In your bio, the question was raised, “who’s going to win the day?” Is there any particular significance to this phrase? What are you winning?
It’s a real thinker.

What’s your current set-up when playing live? Do you have any traditions before getting up on stage?
Coffee, Cruskits and Fireball. In that order.


How do you go about your creative process when writing music? Does everyone have prescribed role in the process?
Our creative process can be long and painful. We don’t all have prescribed roles but we all have strong input into the finished product in terms of sound. It is very rare we all jam a song and it all comes together at once, it usually takes a while until all four of us are happy with it.

What are The Sand Dollars hoping to achieve in 2015?
Spreading our love to as many places as possibly, on our road toward Global Domination.

You can buy a ticket to check out The Sand Dollars at SpeakerTV’s ‘Citizens of the Streets’ here and yep, it’s only 10 bucks!