At the annual Billboard Music Awards, American pop-star Taylor Swift was front-and-centre, unveiling her sexy Swift-squad in the highly-anticipated music video ‘Bad Blood‘.

Swift’s famous friends, from supermodels and singers to writers, have added star power to the video. As well as Ellie Goulding toting a bazooka, GirlsLena Dunham smoking a cigar and Zendaya spearing a teddy bear in the head with a knife, Swift heads to battle passing the likes of Cindy Crawford (as Headmistress), Jessica Alba and even SVU‘s Mariska Hargitay (aptly named Justice).

There is no sign of Swift’s country music days, with her sassy vocals laced with sugar-pop attitude and menace, exchanging sultry glances whilst singing “band-aids don’t fix bullet holes, you say sorry just for show”.

The video takes visual cues from Kill Bill (girl fights in the snow), Tron (Sci-Fi aesthetic and motor bike rides) and Sin City, with Cara Delevingne’s character hilariously dubbed “Mother Chucker”.

The Kendrick Lamar remix – produced by Joseph Kahn – is also a flashback to the 80s MTV era, when video premieres were big, bold and brash mini-movie events (think Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’).

The video ends with Swift and her six superheroes slo-mo walking away from a post-apocalyptic London setting, backlit by a massive fireball explosion. As you do.