Tame Impala will release a third studio album in 2015, Spinning Top Music announced this morning.

The Perth five-piece scored a truck load of accolades (and phone ads) with the release of Lonerism back in 2012. This followed Innerspeaker (2010), their first album, and a self-titled EP in 2009 which first elevated them to local acclaim. Since Lonerism they’ve released a live album titled Live Versions, as well as the odd cover or collaboration by frontman Kevin Parker; including feats with Melody’s Echo Chamber and more recently, Mark Ronson.

Considering Tame Impala’s sizeable back catalogue, you’d assume the common fan would have at least some idea of what their third album will sound like. But we don’t. Kevin Parker is about as musically elusive as they come: over the years shifting from psych-garage to psych-pop to just pop to prog-pop and now, it would seem he’s currently lending his focus to psych-disco and ambient-pop. So many hyphenated genres in the space of just under five years; all attributable to Parker, who writes, records, and produces the band’s albums mostly by himself.

So while no solid predictions can be made about the currently-unnamed album (besides the fact that it will probably have a one word, four-syllable, made up title like the other two), below are a few examples of what the band, but mainly Parker, have been up to since Lonerism.  Maybe the six songs below will indicate something to you about Tame Impala’s enigmatic third album – but all we can really do for now is get excited. Get really bloody excited.


A live recording in Tolouse, France from 2013. It sounds like a lost fragment of Air’s catalogue meshed with a healthy dose of Lennonism.



Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker – Daffodils



‘Mind Melt’, as dubbed by Brazilian fans.



(Michael Jackson cover)



 ‘Kevin Spacey’ i.e. AAA Aardvark Get Down Services. Cam Avery is also in Tame Impala.



Aaaaaaand we’re back to sounding like Air.