With anticipation growing near unbearable as the release of Tame Impala‘s third studio album Currents looms ever closer (56 sleeps… but who’s counting), fans can receive a welcome distraction with the reveal of the album’s first official video accompaniment for hit single ‘Cause I’m A Man’.

In true Tame Impala style, the single showcases front-man and creative visionary Kevin Parker‘s undeniable knack for smooth, sexy, psychedelia. However, where previous singles such as those on 2012 LP Lonerism seem to float through clouds with dreamy, washed out vocals, the lyricism in ‘Cause I’m A Man’ breaks through the misty haze, with a bold vulnerability.

The digital 3D video, directed by Weirdcore (Aphex Twin, Horrors, Simian Mobile Disco), quite perfectly encapsulates Parker’s half apology, half self-confession of the woes of being a modern day man. With long exposures and circling shots of still scenes depicting night-life, city life, married life, intimate life, and low life, the video follows the trajectories of a male protagonist as he floats, falls, and transforms from scene to scene.

Though the video inevitably lies in the same trippy realm of hypnotic, hallucinogenic visuals that perfectly frames any Tame Impala song, this digitised animation seems to fall ever so slightly short. Where the colourful visual kaleidoscopes of stop motion videos like ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine‘, and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards‘ can be enjoyed on an unaffected ground level, ‘Cause I’m A Man’ may require an intoxicating nudge, in order to receive the same desired affect.

In saying this, the song itself is pure mastery, and as with any Tame Impala tune, closing your eyes and losing yourself to the music, is easily one of the most magical modes of reception, anyway. Lose yourself in the video below, and take calm in knowing we have only two more months until the album’s release!

Currents is out July 17 via Universal Music Australia, pre-order it here