Sydney electronic duo Left. have just released of their stunning debut LP Sirens, via Create/Control. After impressing sold-out audiences as main support on Thelma Plum’s Monster’s tour last year, the duo currently on the road playing their own headline shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Comprised of vocalist Sarah Corry and guitarist/producer Jono Graham, Left. fuse elements of pop, electronica and hip hop to create a distinct, nuanced style of pop electronica.

We caught up with Sarah to find out their favourite Australian venue to play in, their musical inspirations and where the name Left. came from…

It has been openly said that your new single “lay with me” is about arranged marriage. Is this a topic close to you both?

Not particularly. It is a story – something I was thinking about when watching Game of Thrones, to be honest – when Khaleesi gets force to marry Kahl Drogo. It’s a concept I find interesting, it would feel completely horrible really. So I channeled that idea into a song, I think the desperation comes across.

What inspires you to create your songs? Do they follow a theme?

Everything is inspiring to me. I really enjoy writing about an idea as opposed to drawing everything from my own experience, although I do that too.

It was only after finishing the album that I realised that I was fixating a lot on night time and sleep – it made a lot of sense because I love sleep and the moon. But it was also interesting because I’d never thought about that concept being so prevalent in my mind. Intriguing really that it came through so overtly…to me anyway

What’s your favourite place to see a gig in Sydney?

The Enmore. I’ve seen some epic shows there; Kendrick Lamar, the Shins, our boys One Day. I actually used to sneak in a lot when I was younger and I’ve been lucky enough to sing there a couple of times which was a trip.

What’s the dodgiest venue you’ve played at?

I don’t want to name names, but we played in Ballarat earlier in the year and let’s just say the crowd must have had a pretty shitty day because they were giving us nothing. We also found a Horrorshow poster in there with a penis drawn on Adit’s face which was hilarious but really sealed my opinion of the place!

As it is 2015, what’s the one thing you wish was a real invention from back to the future movies?

Definitely hover board – but I’d need that stick he pulls off the little girls board because I cannot skateboard at all. That jacket that dries you off is pretty mad too. And the pizza…

How did you decide on the name Left.?

If I’m perfectly honest, I have no idea. Jono came up with it and sent some songs to a couple of us originally and I basically commandeered them and forced my way on board. We’re both left handed…that works?

How have your lives changed since your sold-out main support act on Thelma Plums “Monster Tour”?

We’re still doing the exact same stuff – but the tour definitely helped us to get in front of a lot of new people which is amazing.

How was it touring with Thelma Plum?

Thelma is a queen. She’s also incredibly lovely and zany which I am into it a lot. She’s an all-round talent and legend.

How long did it take to create Sirens?

I think about two years from the very first moment.

Which is your favourite track on the album?

Good question. No, idea…I’ve always had a soft spot for Slow Knife and Nessun Dorma is also the most personal song on the album. For Jono, I’d say My Love, Sleep Well. He’s well into that one.

How did it feel to be recognized by tastemaker blogs such as Hilly Dilly, Indie Shuffle and Pages Digital?

Good! I’m still not really used to hearing good things. I’m naturally hyper-critical so it’s so nice to get good feedback, but I still think ‘oh, they’re just being kind’.

What can audiences expect from your shows through the East Coast?

They’re all going to be a bit different. It’s really important to us to match the mood of the crowd and venue – so for the club shows it’s a bit punchier, whereas for our Sydney show we’re going to get a bit more indulgent and play more of the atmospheric stuff. We sold it out too, so those suckers are in for a treat.

’SIRENS’ Album Launch 

Thursday 12th February

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