Texas Festival SXSW is being sued by the victims of the tragic car crash that stunned the festival early this year. The tragedy occurred when during the festival, a driver ploughed into a crowd of people, killing four and injuring 17. The lawsuit has been organised by five of the injured as well as three of the families of those killed. One of the suits filed claims that “If SXSW had adhered to industry standards and utilised adequate traffic control measures, Steven Craenmehr [one of those deceased] would be alive today.”

The festival has responded to these claims, stating “What happened on Red River was a terrible tragedy, caused by Rashad Owen’s [the driver] utter disregard of human life. Our hearts continue to ache for those injured and the families of those who lost their lives. We look forward to his prosecution for his awful crimes.”

Rashad Charjuan Owens is currently facing life in prison for these offences.