Today we’re looking at some of the projects that need your support in reaching their crowd funding targets!

From helping The Getaway Plan release their first ever independent record, to assisting the feature film ‘Jugular‘ see its full potential, we have campaigns everyone can be a part of.

Especially close to our hearts here at Speaker TV, The Support Act Bandwagon is asking for your assistance so it can remain an ongoing support for musicians and industry personnel around the country.

Make sure to get in quick, these projects won’t be around forever! Chip in, and help these projects reach their full potential. Oh, and pocket some super exclusive goodies along the way!

Be a part of The Getaway Plan’s first ever independent record

Want to score a day in the studio with The Getaway Plan? Maybe you take a liking to guitarist Clint’s 6-string? Well, in exchange for some of your hard earned cash, you could have both! With pledges ranging from getting your hands on the release a week early to having the guys play at your (or someone else’s) wedding, there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy, all whilst helping funding the creation of their new LP Dark Horses.

Getaway Plan

 Help ‘Jugular – The Feature Film’ reach its goal

Getting your film classified for its international showcase is no easy task…. that’s where you come in! The team behind ‘Jugular’ need your support in funding their classification requirements, so in exchange for your support, you can happily pocket a copy of the feature on DVD, tickets to the screening in your capital city or even an executive producer credit!

The Support Act Bandwagon needs your help 

“Support Act is a charity, unique in Australia, providing financial relief to music professionals facing illness, injury or some other life crisis. Support Act helps music professionals in all fields of the industry including singers, songwriters, composers, musicians, roadies, techies, managers, lighting techs and everyone in between.

We don’t need to tell you why you need to support these guys – sit back, watch the video and make a pledge to this wonderful cause.