St Vincent, weird pop wunderchild and BFFL of David Byrne, has just released the first taste of the deluxe edition of her acclaimed fourth album St Vincent. ‘Bad Believer’ is a throwback to the earlier more noise-rock inspired works of St Vincent, though the synthy hooks that gained her the attention of critics have been merged with the mix. The deluxe edition of St Vincent promises five extra tracks including ‘Bad Believer’, namely a remix of single ‘Digital Witness’ by the now defunct Darkside and two tracks that have only seen release through record store day exclusive wares. St Vincent will (hopefully) be performing a snippet of these unheard tracks when she plays the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival next week, but those without tickets will have to wait for February 13th to hear anything other than ‘Bad Believer’.

Laneway Festival Tour Dates

Saturday 24 January
The Meadow, Singapore

Monday 26 January
Silo Park, Auckland

Saturday 31 January
Brisbane Showgrounds

Sunday 1 February
Sydney College Of The Arts

Friday 6 February
Harts Mill, Port Adelaide

Saturday 7 February
Footscray Community Arts Centre And The River’s Edge, Melbourne

Sunday 8 February
Esplanade Park and West End, Fremantle