Bored? Well, the 2014 Melbourne International Film Festival opened on July 31 with no shortage of musical subject matter. Furthermore, from Monday August 4 to Thursday August 7, Triple R drive is live from MIFF’s Mandala Festival Lounge and Wine Bar at The Forum Theatre, daily between 4 and 7pm. Triple R’s drive shows will focus on Backbeat, MIFF’s popular program of music documentaries, with special guests, film reviews, panel discussions and live performances.

Here, Speaker TV gives you a look at some of the films from this year’s Backbeat selection as well as a few others worth checking out at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Get all the information you need regarding the program and tickets here.


20,000 Days On Earth, MA15+ (Nick Cave biopic)
Director: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard | UK, 2013

“…this innovative psychodrama is a vivid swirl of truth and fiction.” (MIFF)


Time Is Illmatic, Unclassified 18+
Director: One9 | USA, 2014

“The story behind the most pivotal album in the history of hip-hop: Nas’ Illmatic.” (MIFF)


Jimi: All Is By My Side, Unclassified 18+
Director: John Ridley | Ireland, UK, 2013

“Outkast’s André 3000 plays Jimi before he was Jimi in this star-making look at Hendrix’s formative days.” (MIFF)


Heaven Adores You, Unclassified 18+
Director: Nickolas Rossi | USA, 2014

“This tender, intimate profile of troubadour Elliott Smith unfolds as gracefully as his songs.” (MIFF)


The Possibilities Are Endless, Unclassified 18+
Director: Edward Lovelace, James Hall | UK, 2014

“In 2005 Edwyn Collins – singer/songwriter with post-punk band Orange Juice and perhaps best known for his ‘90s solo hit A Girl Like You – was on the brink of death, his memory wiped and speech limited to a few words: “yes”, “no”, the name of his wife, and the phrase that’s become the film’s title.” (MIFF)


Pulp: A Film About Life, Death And Supermarkets, M
Director: Florian Habicht | UK, 2014

“Following his cinematic Love Story (MIFF 2012) to New York, New Zealand director Florian Habicht returns with a cinematic love letter to Sheffield … and its best-known ‘90s export, Pulp.” (MIFF)


Silk, Unclassified 18+
Director: Benjamin Shearn | USA, 2013

“Playful and prolific, in the space of a few years LA-based 100% Silk (the dance offshoot of the Not Not Fun indie label) has gone from post-bass renegade to one of the scene’s most exciting dance-music outfits. In 2012 head honcho Amanda Brown decided to take the 100% Silk gospel worldwide and filmmaker Benjamin Shearn came along for the ride.” (MIFF)


Breadcrumb Trail, Unclassified 18+
Director Lance Bangs | USA, 2014

“Even those who haven’t heard Slint have heard Slint. Not only did the band’s members go on to perform with acts as diverse as The Breeders, Tortoise, Interpol, Stereolab and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but the cutting, complicated dynamics of their second and final album, 1991’s Spiderland, essentially birthed post-rock.” (MIFF)


Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, Unclassified 18+
Director: Mike Myers | USA, 2013

“Shep Gordon was a casual drug dealer whose job caused him to collide with the music world in strange ways: he became the legendary manager of Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and Blondie, and masterminded some of the music world’s most notorious stage antics. He lived the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll life to the extreme (while also being a close friend of the Dalai Lama and inventing the ‘celebrity chef’ concept!), earning a reputation as a hedonist who could be sweet and generous beyond compare.” (MIFF)


We Are Mari Pepa (Somos Mari Pepa), Unclassified
Director: Samuel Kishi Leopo | Mexico, 2013
Language: Spanish

“Set in Mexico’s second-largest city over the summer holidays, this assured drama captures all the crude energy and frequent humiliations of male adolescence – and wannabe rock stars.” (MIFF)


Jalanan, Unclassified 18+
Director: Daniel Ziv | Indonesia, 2013
Language: English, Indonesian

“In Jalanan (“Streetside”) documentarian Daniel Ziv follows three charismatic buskers – Boni, Ho and Titi – over a five-year period, as they navigate the economic, social, emotional and legal hurdles that come with trying to earn enough to eat on the streets of Jakarta.” (MIFF)


We Are The Best! (Vi är bäst!), MA15+
Director: Lukas Moodysson | Sweden, 2013
Language: Swedish

“It’s 1982 and punk is dead, with Joy Division and The Human League now the most popular acts among Swedish high schoolers. Best friends Bobo and Klara may be outcasts for their lingering musical tastes, but it suits their brand of teenage agitation. Rallying against boredom more than a cause, they start their own band with guitarist Hedvig.” (MIFF)


Finding Fela! Unclassified 18+
Director: Alex Gibney | USA, 2014
Language: English, French

“Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney tackles the extraordinary life of Nigerian musical pioneer, political maverick and global superstar Fela Kuti.” (MIFF)


Song From The Forest, Unclassified 18+
Director: Michael Obert | Germany, 2013
Language: English, Yaka

“Haunted by a song he once heard on the radio, American ethnomusicologist Louis Sarno tracked the exotic sounds to a Central African jungle tribe. He fell in love – with their way of life and with his future wife – and spent the next 25 years living among the Bayaka, recording more than 1000 hours of music and, eventually, starting a family.” (MIFF)


God Help The Girl,  Unclassified 18+
Director: Stuart Murdoch | UK, 2014

“Belle & Sebastian’s frontman Stuart Murdoch makes his directorial debut with this bittersweet musical.” (MIFF)


Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock And Roll, Unclassified 18+
Director: John Pirozzi | USA, 2014
Language: English, French, Khmer

“Revelling in the songs of the Beatles and the Bee Gees, in the 1960s young Cambodians built a wildly popular new type of pop that combined funk, soul and rock with the hypnotic rhythms of their own traditional music. But when the Khmer Rouge came, the musicians were the first against the wall, and most of what once existed was lost forever.”


Keep On Keepin’ On, Unclassified 18+
Director: Alan Hicks | USA, 2014

“An ailing jazz legend passes the torch to a blind piano prodigy in this award-winning ode to the bonds of music and friendship.” (MIFF)