The boys from Budgewoi are back but are doing things a little differently this time.  After a two year hiatus Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb are determined to work together to create an album that is true to their roots and sure to please their many fans.

Shaun Diviney takes us through all things  Short Stack; including what’s in store for the music scene this year and their upcoming album and tour…

Hey Shaun! How are you?  

Good thanks. Pretty crazy right now but feelin good!

What an unexpected but exciting reunion from the Stack boys.  Can you shed some light on what has changed over the past two years to bring you all back together?

We met up last year around July to talk about what we wanted to do and basically just enjoyed hanging out. When it came to making music we were just so in sync for the first time. It was a cool feeling.

The song Television is musically evolved from your past songs.  Is this going to be your comeback song for Stack and can we expect a music video for it?  Or is there something else in the works?

Yeah we released the video last night! Andy directed whole thing and we love it. We think it’s funny but it’s probably not haha. The song writing is more mature I guess that’s because were older.

I’ve heard that you’re doing this all independently now.  What differences do you find working under a record label and recording independently?  Do you have more of a say of what goes into your music?

We really like to work quickly. We get shit done. A major label is a big machine and it takes a while to get things moving, but we had a great relationship with universal. At our time in our careers we love doing it independently.

Congratulations on your first tour dates selling out within the first 24 hours!  I hear you’re adding a few more dates to the tour. Since you’ve all grown personally and musically over the past two years, what can fans expect from the live show musically and visually? Obviously you’ll be playing some new music but will you be playing any classics from back in the day for the fans?

We’re really focusing on our live shows more than anything. Playing a heap of old stuff and new stuff too. We really want to be an amazing live band now.

Since you’ve all grown personally and musically over the past two years, how is it working together again with regards to writing songs and performing together again?  Do you find you still have creative differences and are they easy to resolve?

We’re writing together for the first time in our careers. It’s pretty damn cool. And also for the first time were on the same page.

Have you started recording the new album yet?  What can we expect lyrically and musically from this album? With This Is Bat Country there was a lot of layering and orchestral work.  Will you be going down a similar path or in a completely different direction?

The album is about three quarters written. It’s called Homecoming and that’s what it is, a return to our roots of foo fighters, green day, blink. We’re focusing on what we grew up with and that’s playing punk rock clubs.

I’m going to ask the question that all fans are going to want to know – are any tracks from Art Vandelay that are going to appear on the new album?

No. We hate that record haha. I think it’s important to us to always be bettering ourselves. Bat Country took so much out us but the result was something we were so stoked on. Right now we feel that homecoming is the best thing we’ve ever done by far.

Andy, Bradie and yourself have been pretty successful in the past when it comes to your music.  What does Short Stack hope to achieve this year?

To play a heap of gigs and be the best band we can be. We’re really enjoying being a band now and it’s amazing.

What are you looking forward to most about bringing Short Stack back to the music scene?  Are you ready to take over the air waves again?

It’s cool to have a song on the radio but the fan reaction is incredible. We just love that they’re so into it again.

It has been great chatting to you.  I wish you the best of luck on tour and with your new music.  I know all the fans, including myself are looking forward to hearing and seeing what you guys have in store for us

Thank you so much 🙂


Tickets from / 1300 762 545 / Oztix Outlets: Fist2Face, Greville Records, Polyester Records – Fitzroy


Tickets from / (02) 9550 3666

Tickets from / (02) 9550 3666