Running alongside this year’s Leaps & Bounds Festival, the Shadow Electric Bandroom has announced their latest series of shows ‘Label of Love’ – a celebration of local independent Record labels.

Running from 3rd July – 1st August, each show will highlight a different label and the artists signed to it. Live music, pop-up merchandise stores, art exhibitions, food trucks, magicians and more will accompany each showcase.

Saturday 4th July – Aarght Records

Aarght Records was started by the members of the Ooga Boogas in 2007. The independent label has released thirty-two records, mostly by Melbourne artists. With a belief that the label a record is released on is possibly the least important aspect of that record, and with this in mind, do not use a company logo.

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Sunday 5th July – Breathlessness & Wigwam Records

Wigwam is an independent record label and is run out of various of cafés and houses around Melbourne. Founded earlier this year, Wigwam is home to My Elephant Ride, Mihra and Ministry of Plenty.

Breathlessness is close-knit record label consisting of a bunch of friends who all grew up on the same street and high school. It is now the home to Splendidid Sun Bazel, Portal Bat and Vulpix, with more artists to be released in 2015.

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Thursday 9th July – Catch Release Records

Catch Release Records is an artist run label founded in 2012 in Melbourne. The label was created by David Noordhoff (formerly Celadore, currently Alma Kalorama). Feat. Owen Rabbit, Fieldings, Slowly, Slowly, The Evening Cast and Nick van Breda.

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Friday 10th July – Big Village and Rawthentic Records

Big Village Records is an independent label that started as partnership between 13 Sydney Hip Hop artists in 2010, with a vision to raise the quality and expand the diversity of Australian Hip Hop. Big Village’s current artist roster is Daily Meds, Ellesquire, True Vibenation, Loose Change, Suburban Dark, Soul Benefits, Reverse Polarities, P.Smurf and Rapaport.

Rawthentic Records is a small independent label which was formed early 2012 by Melbourne emcee P.Link. In the short time since, the label’s growing roster has been represented at an international & local level throughout Australia. Feat. Soul Benefits, P.Smurf, Rapaport, P Link, Downpat, J Mac, DJ Relik.

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Saturday 11th July – Rice Is Nice

Sydney based Independent Australian Record label Rice is Nice was formed in 2008 by Julia Wilson and Ben Shackleton to help promote unique Australian artists. Since the label’s inception it has continually grown, with Charlie Ellison and Nathan Wood joining Julia and Ben, together they have signed and released the works of a number of artists including The Laurels, Straight Arrows, Seekae, You Beauty, SPOD, Summer Flake, Sarah Mary Chadwick, DARTS, Donny Benet, Angie, Seja, Richard In Your Mind. Feat. You Beauty, SPOD and Summer Flake and more TBA.

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Thursday 16th July – Poison City Records

Born in the spare bedroom of a dingy share-house over a decade ago, Poison City has grown from a weekend hobby to one of Australia’s most prolific and well-respected independent labels. Home to the likes of The Smith Street Band, Harmony, Clowns, Batpiss, The Bennies, Deep Heat and Mere Women, Poison City is as much of a music community as a label or record store; presenting tours, local shows and their annual Weekender Fest. Feat. The Meanies, Screamfeeder, Flour and Pale Heads (members of The Nation Blue /Batpiss/ ex.The Drones).

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Saturday 18th July – HopeStreet Records

From the bowels of an abandoned textiles factory in Brunswick, beneath a sign that advertises a long-defunct karate school, lies the home of HopeStreet Recordings. On a mission to capture the crusty analogue soul and funk sound of a bygone era with a hungry new generation of artists, production team Bob Knob and Tristan Ludowyk are hard at work. Feat. The Cactus Channel ‘Cobaw’ 45″ Launch with The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, The Meltdown and Cactus Channel DJs.

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Sunday 19th July – Butters Sessions

From the southern fringe of Melbourne Sleep D and their ButterSessions label are quickly establishing themselves as the axis of the Australian electronic subterranean. Not only a vehicle for the duos DIY productions, Sleep D also use the platform to prop up their peers releasing all quality tangents of cerebral house squelching funk hard techno and smoked out dub from locals. Feat. Sleep D LIVE, Rings Around Saturn aka Dan White Live LIVE, Cale Sexton LIVE, Albrecht La’Brooy LIVE, Babicka (Untzz Records), Moopie (A Colourful Storm).

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Saturday 25th July – Lost and Lonesome Recording Co

Seventeen years in and Melbourne indie/folk/experimental mainstay The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co. continue to play their own variety of free-flowing ballgame whilst exposing the world to some of Melbourne’s brightest songwriters, warmest janglers and mellifluous mavericks. Owned and operated by former Lucksmiths bassist Mark Monnone, the label’s late-90s inception was inspired by the hard work and foolish optimism of local and international DIY merchants like Candle Records, Slumberland and Drive-In. Feat. The Zebras, Milk Teddy, Footy, Ciggie Witch, Tim Richmond, Monnone Alone

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Saturday 1st August – Bedroom Suck Records

Bedroom Suck Records came about in 2009, founded by Joe Alexander and Sam McCabe. Feat. Kitchen’s Floor, Terrible Truths, Joel Carey’s ‘Songs of Devotion: Hymnals from South Australia’, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Milk Teddy’s ‘The Dance of The Kookaburra: An Australian Opera’, The Ocean Party & Dag.

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For full details and tickets, head to the Shadow Electric website.