‘O’Clock’ is a frantic offering from Melbourne garage trio ScotDrakula; and funnily, seems somewhat more produced than their last singles ‘Break Me Up’ and ‘Kick Out The Amber Lamps’.

Jingling tambourine and livid surf-guitar chords open the song, which stays at the same speedy pace throughout. Frontman Matt Neumann‘s howling, torn vocals screech along; almost warning one not to get too comfortable amidst the song’s constancy for fear of being startled by one of the song’s many ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!’s.

The band have released the single ahead of their debut, self-titled album; which will be released later in the year.

They will launch the single at The Northcote Social Club’s Monday Night Mass on October 27th, as well as appearing at The Blurst of Times Festival’s Melbourne and Brisbane dates.

Sat 18th Oct | Blurst of Times Festival, Brisbane
Sun 19th Oct | Blurst of Times Festival, Melbourne
Mon 27th Oct | Monday Night Mass, Northcote