It has been a huge year for Melbourne’s favorite nine piece Pop/Soul outfit Saskwatch, and with an album release on the horizon, songwriter Liam McGorry couldn’t be happier.

“For the past year I’ve had the incredible opportunity to tour and play music with some of my best friends, it’s surreal!” states McGorry. Nose Dive, Saskwatch’s second long play release, hits shelves Friday April 11 through Fitzroy’s Northside Records. Speaking about the label, McGorry states that “Northside Records are huge supporters of the Melbourne soul and r’n’b scene. It’s cool to be a part of that relatively new family”.

Nose Dive is an impressive album to say the least. With 11 tracks of pure pop soul goodness, it goes right to the bone. Liam explains, “I wanted this album to work as a collective as opposed to our last release which was just the 12 songs that we had recorded at that point. I am proud of that release, but I generally hate albums that are just a collection of singles”. He’s not wrong. This album really has a distinct sound from start to finish, a factor that could be linked to friend/producer of the band Magoo who operates in Applewood lane, a recording studio in an old renovated church in sunny Queensland. “We did all the pre production ourselves at home before we went up to record with Magoo for the weekend. He was an amazing help.”

With only one song on the record going over 3:30, it’s very clear the band has been influenced by the pop landscape of the 50’s and 60’s. Liam tells us, “We’ve always been massive fans of the classic pop structure of that era. All my favorite songs are around the 2 and a half to 3 minute mark, so that’s something that influenced this record in a big way structure wise, at least”. He further explains that there were 25 songs written and recorded around the time Nose Dive was being compiled, hinting that there might be another release in the near future.

Saskwatch are renowned for their Cherry Bar residencies. “Those shows really shaped us as a band, a really great time of all of us. Playing every week at a venue really forces a band to be tighter and on the same page. We started playing those shows after Vince Peach of PBS spotted us busking and asked us to play his curated Soul Night. It all just unrolled from there.” When asked about the possibility of more residencies Liam tells “In the future we would love to set up more shows at Cherry, it’s our home away from home, but for the moment, all we have planed is a national tour”. The tour he speaks of will kick off in June. The group plans to hit Western Australia, a state not many smaller acts get the chance to play, for the first time in their career.  “We have fans who have been begging us to play shows in WA, so now they finally get their chance”. Saskwatch also will be playing a couple of in store acoustic shows on April 15th at Basement Discs in the  Melbourne CBD and Northside Records on Gertrude Street.

Saskwatch’s second album ‘Nose Dive’ is available Friday April 11th through Northside Records. This record is pure pop/soul perfection with standout songs being Keep Me In Mind, Hands and You Don’t Have To Wait. Saskwatch will be touring nationally in June/July – so keep an eye out at your local record store for some truly gorgeous album artwork, and even catchier tunes. Saskwatch have done it again!