Australian Music Prize winner REMI has dropped his poignant new single ‘Ode To Ignorance‘, and it carries an important message for all Australians.

Directed by Melbourne film maker Jam Nawaz, and coinciding with the US release of his multi-award winning album Raw X Infinity, the video and the song addresses the very real presence of racism in our country and REMI’s own experiences with it.

Lyrically, it packs a punch, with line such as “Those Africans aren’t worth shit. Aboriginals aren’t worth shit. Indian, Islander, Arabic, Asian. If you’re not male and caucasian you ain’t shit.”

Being of a mixed race, the 23-year old hip-hop artist says that: “This track is about mine and my family’s personal experience growing up and living mixed race in this country (Australia). It’s important for people to know that this is not targeted at any one person or any one race, it’s directed at ignorance in general. My hope is that it raises some awareness and starts/continues some meaningful conversations about the racial climate in this country and what we can do to bring better equality. In the words of Kate Tempest “there is no them, it’s just us”.”

REMI will be donating $3 from every copy of his recently released Raw X Infinity Deluxe Edition sold in Australia over the next month to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Check out the video here: