‘Last’, the latest track to drop from Rainbow Chan’s forthcoming debut LP, Spacings, is a sweet-sounding transformation of Australian pop music – layering beautiful vocals over dance-inspired beats.

For both fans and new listeners of Rainbow Chan, her latest track off Spacings is a sweet introduction to the Sydney-based artist’s distinct offering of modern “pop”.

Upon first listen, ‘Last’ is a departure from Rainbow’s previous work, replacing ambient, experimental sounds and folk-like vocals with what can best be described as a big, bold dance tune. Reminiscent of Yello’s huge 1985 track, ‘Oh Yeah,’ the percussion at the start of ‘Last’ is a cool revival of the 1980s. Sounding somewhat like a KylieMinogue-early-noughties remix, in ‘Last’, Rainbow marries bubblegum pop with Miami Horror-like production.

Rainbow Chan’s ‘Last’ is a stunning dream-like array of synths and haunting background harmonies. Lyrics like “honey on your lips” give a seductive edge to ‘Last’, yet Rainbow’s repeated “honey, honey” towards the end of the track sounds lonely and pleading. ‘Last’ oozes coolness yet Rainbow’s dreamy vocals sound contemplating and melancholy – as though she were searching for a long lost lover in a sea of people.

Guaranteed to get you onto the dance floor, ‘Last’ is a track boasting old-school undertones, but with an electronica twist. Rainbow Chan is definitely one to keep an eye on.