Perth songstress R.W. Grace has certainly come out of her shell.

She first burst onto the scene as Grace Woodroofe at the age of just 16 when the late great actor Heath Ledger stumbled upon her demos. Then as recently as last year, she became just simply Grace, and debuted her luscious pop single ‘Pluto‘ – a poetic take on the Creation story – to critical acclaim.

Now, the ethereal singer-songwriter has a new name – R.W. Grace – and another new track, ‘Shell‘.

Boasting the same striking album imagery as ‘Pluto’ with a slender hand in a bed of leaves and flowers, the new song swells and builds with pop sensibility. R.W. Grace’s eerie echo refrain “Shell, shell, shell” croons over a synth heavy beat which drops in the lifted chorus.

Produced by LA’s Chris Cosgrove and Australia’s Dann Hume (Evermore) the song is another cinematic offering from the ever-evolving 25-year-old musician. The lyrics “you know you’ll see I’m not who I used to be” may be a direct reference to her changing aliases, but what remains is the same, deliciously pulsating drumbeat and sinister synth. 

Having supported HUSKY, Glass Animals and nabbing a performance slot at The Hills Are Alive! already this year, R.W. Grace looks set to be a name to watch when her debut EP drops later this year…