Perth songstress R.W. Grace has unveiled a futuristic clip to accompany her new track ‘Shell‘.

Directed by Dylan Duclos, the clip explores the song’s deliciously pulsating drumbeat, sinister synth and evocative croons in a visual sense, evoking similarities to Muse’s latest clip Mercy.

A sci-fi theme with some prominent imagery, R.W Grace puts herself under lab conditions in a spooky post-apocalyptic clinic. Suffocating whites, greys, laser blues and hospital whites dominate the landscape, which is eerie and dangerous.

Look out for the fitted, metallic silver illuminated number she wears throughout. Va-va-voom!

The songstress first burst onto the scene as Grace Woodroofe as a teenager, before simply becoming Grace last year and debuting her luscious pop single ‘Pluto‘. Now, as R.W. Grace, the ethereal popette is fast becoming a regular on the Australian gig circuit.

R.W Grace is set to drop her debut EP under her new moniker later this year…