After an extended hiatus, The Maladies burst back in full, intense stereo with a glimpse into their first album in almost a decade through the new single ‘Dig A Hole’. Boasting a new sound that rattles bones with the force of it’s erratic bursts of electro punk beats, the single subverts current musical styles and trends – as well any expectations for the band’s album. Leading man Daniele comments, “We tried very hard to set the music and the lyrics in the present whilst still referencing all the stuff we love… [Dig A Hole] started out as a new take on the folk song Darlin Corey (as heard in the dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow refrain) but ended up somewhere extremely different”.

Originally debuting in 2009, the band saw a slew of success translated in the form of enthusiastic fans and tour slots alongside artists such Cat Power, The Drones, Dan Kelly, Six Ft Hick, The Gin Club & Custard. With this sneak peek into their next outing, it seems clear that The Maladies are ready to triumph over the underground music scene once again.

The Maladies full length album is available July 6th.