In the immortal words of our queen, Beyoncé“who run this mother? Girls.” Sarah Maxwell is the latest embodiment of that notion, proving herself as a force to be reckoned with on the Australian hip-hop scene. That scene has witnessed an exciting trend as of late, with more and more women coming to the forefront – artists like Miss Blanks, Jesswar and Ecca Vandal have seen a surge in popularity and influence. The Sydney based Sarah Maxwell is a new addition to that ever-expanding list, and her latest single ‘Flawed’ showcases her raw talent.

‘Flawed’ has multiple personalities as it progresses – soaring, top 40 pop hooks are peppered in amongst gritty, aggressive flows contrasted with a rock tinge. Sarah Maxwell explains, Flawed’ is for anyone who’s ever wanted to eat nuggets and drink wine rather than go to the gym” – it’s about acknowledging our faults, not trying to be too perfect, accepting ourselves for who we are, and moving forward.

‘Flawed’ was produced by Forces & Fury, two female musicians (Astrid Holz & Kat Ayala) making the track an all female affair. Check out the track below, and be sure to follow Sarah Maxwell on Facebook here, and Instagram here.