Directed by MUFF award winner Nick McNiece, a self-described “crappy outdated soap opera” sets the scene of NANA SPAM‘s debut music video. Featuring characters such as the overprotective friends, the chain-smoking mother figure, and of course, a love interest who makes a last-minute appearance. Jimmy confesses his love via a series of weird dance moves and subtitles at the bottom of the screen. The music video for the bubbly single “Taste” is an interesting concept, to say the least.

The three-piece DIY synth-pop group from Melbourne create a sound which is infectious and off-kilter with a tongue in cheek sensibility, but the musical chops and vocal precision to back it up. Fluttering pads and sharp leads alternate in  a rhythmic cacophony that works so well, anchored by a solid groove and punchy bass tones.

NANA SPAM are possibly best described by their Facebook bio:

Sinister synthpop music for when Nana makes her way from the kitchen to the table to serve a plate of spam for dinner.


Honestly, what more can one ask for?

Check out the video and don’t forget to jump on their Facebook page for upcoming shows and new music.