Softly-sung and sentimental, Mardi Wilson’s ‘Landslide’ is the musical embodiment of a warm embrace. A strong sense of comfort rings through Mardi’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and intimate strums – one that for some inexplicable reason seems to assure listeners that everything will be okay.

Halfway between a more exuberant take on Niall Horan’s ‘This Town’ and a more sombre take on Angus & Julia Stone‘s ‘Big Jet Plane‘,  it is clear the Brisbane-based artist has put an extensive amount of time and thought into the piece.

“I wrote Landslide when I realised that sometimes you just have to go with your feelings and be open and vulnerable.”

“I’m not talking about the kind of ‘vulnerable’ where you find yourself dramatically running through an airport on Christmas Eve to confess your love to someone. I’m talking about the kind of vulnerability where you accept that life is full of mysteries and sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit.” 

A courageous step away from some of her more defiant numbers – take, for example, Procrastination Song (2017) – Mardi assumes the role of escape artist with Landslide.

It starts off strong, soul-stirring triads setting the mood for a hard-hitting first verse about fear. The chorus sustains the intrigue, delving more personally into the story. Spectacular beats, clicks, keyboard and cymbals incrementally lace the song until its culmination.

The stunning finished product, achieved with the collaborative help of producer Magnus Murphy over a series of months of recording in his home studio, marks an exceptional start to the year for Mardi – more to come!